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Mystic Traveler Vol 2: The Demon Queen Ron Marz

Mystic Traveler Vol 2: The Demon Queen

Ron Marz

Published January 1st 2004
160 pages
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 About the Book 

Ciress is a world that runs on magic, and those with the most magic run the world. Genevieve Villard was in line to become a great leader, but during her Rite of Ascension something went horribly wrong. Her sister Giselle, a flibbertigibbet society girl, was conferred not only the power that was rightly Genevieves but that of every other Guild Master on Ciress. Now Giselle must come to terms with being the magical protector of her entire planet - if the Guild Masters let her live that long. The second volume of Mystic introduces Animora, a demon queen brought back to life in a dubious scheme of the Guild Masters to regain their powers. They swiftly learn what it is to make a deal with a devil, as Animora double-crosses the Guild Masters and threatens to enslave all Ciress. Only the power of Giselle`s mysterious sigil and the combined wisdom of the Guild Spirits can stop Animora`s evil. PUBCOMMENTS Ron Marz has been writing comics since 1990, giving up a journalism career when he found that it was more fun to make up the stories. In those years, he has written extensively for publishers including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, and Acclaim. Youve read his work in the pages of Superboy, Silver Surfer, Star Wars Tales, StormWatch, X-O Manowar, DC vs. Marvel, the Amalgam title Dr. Strangefate, and most notably Green Lantern. He brought his skills and voracious fans with him to CrossGen, where he writes the titles Scion, Sojourn, The Path, and Crossgen Chronicles. Ron received a Harvey Awards nomination as Best Writer in 2002 for his work on Scion, which was also nominated for Best Continuing Series.