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Liliana Lucia Destination Australia Liliana Lucia Belardinelli

Liliana Lucia Destination Australia

Liliana Lucia Belardinelli

Published January 23rd 2014
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 About the Book 

Based upon the reminiscences of a woman, now living in Australia, who grew up in Malta, Italy, North Africa, Germany, back to Malta and then to England between 1929 and 1949 – twenty years, only a score. Yet it is an historical record of events described as they took place during periods of family crisis and world problems, and as they were observed by that young person. It is also the story of her personal developments as she grew from childhood to adult life in that context. It is therefore, not only an account of those events and of the people who lived through them, and who were shaped by the circumstances of crisis of war and after war, but also how daily life goes on in such times.By 1947 she had grown into a stunningly lovely young woman and her capacity for strength in adversity, her innate sensitivity and thirst for knowledge were her dowry in the difficult times of her young life.The circumstances and place of Lilianas birth were somewhat unusual. Her mother was of Danish-Irish parentage and she was an independent youn lady. She Visited Rome in 1925, where she met Arnaldo Belardinelli scion of an aristrocratic family, a dreamer and patriotic idealist.In 1927, against all odds they were married. They lived in Malta at first and tehn a couple of years later Liliana was born in Valletta. Arnaldo became involved in the turbulent political activities of that period. On Christmas day in 1934 he was arrested and imprisoned. Liliana and her younger brother were sent to Rome in the care of their grandparents. In December 1936 for the amnesty on the occasion of King George VI ascension to the throne, Arnaldo was released from gaol and the little family was reunited in Rome.The years of war were the framework of Lilianas growing up. She was not cosseted or protected, but experience at first hand the full catastrophe of misery, and close shaves, surviving turbulence and struggles. For her it was a time of active speculation and romantic awakening and while growing into a young woman, she found life an arousing and complex advanture, mainly because of the value placed on cheerfulness, compassion, and love amongst all kinds of people. It was an education of great value, although the memories she says, have the flavour an an inconguous, bizarre, almost surrealistic journey.