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Righteous Betrayal Celina Wong

Righteous Betrayal

Celina Wong

Published May 1st 2013
ISBN : 9781466931824
262 pages
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 About the Book 

Once she was betrayed, Avalon Boston quickly became the betrayer. Once a victim of cruel lies, she is now the one using brutal fictions as weapons of revenge. To the outside observer, young Avalon has it all. She is the daughter of a powerful Mafia boss, living in a grand mansion in Manchester, with servants to attend to her every whim. But to Avalon, her life is nothing more than a luxurious prison. Her mother is engaged in a passionate and dangerous affair with a much younger man, her once-beloved brother Xavier is now a pawn of her enemies, and her perfect life is simply ... grim. Desperate, Avalon takes flight, seeking sanity, anonymity, and a shred of purpose in her life. On a rainy, cold night, the fates guide her to a sad back alley of Birmingham, where she meets little Cara, a sad-eyed orphan who joins Avalon on her journey to freedom. Avalon vows never to return home again, and she soon finds herself recruited to join a top-secret organization. But even though she thinks shes left the drama of her family behind, the shadow of her past races to destroy her new life. On her very first mission, her resolve is tested. If Avalon fails, the price will be more than she could imagine paying.